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Our primary mail for all kind of questions and bookings is:

We will answer you in the shortest possible time.

Your resevation is booked only when you get Booking confirmation e-mail from us. For a Booking confirmation you must send us certain percentage of Booking price (it depends of price sum). We accept bank transfer, Western Union, postal service money transfer and Moneybookers. For other money transfer possibilities please contact us.

You can get on this link above LIVE help from us if it is available, also if you click this link you can fill out a info form and we will contact you straight away.

One way to book our apartments - via PayPal

Terms and Conditions

We will reply in the next hours (maximum 24) to let you know whether the accommodation you have requested is available and inform you about the total cost (please advise the "rates" webpage). In case you don't receive an email from us, please send the form or e-mail again, making sure that you have filled in a valid email address.

If you wish to proceed to a reservation, please notify us as soon as possible. Our policy is tool "keep" the accommodation for 1 or 2 days, in order to give you time to decide and arrange your trip details, but we can't assure that the apartment(s) you requested will still be available after that period. In order to hold your reservation, you should prepay, in the next few days, the 15% - 20% of the total accommodation cost or if that amount is less than the rates per night for the type of apartment you chose the cost for one night. You can either a) use your credit card (fax to us an authorization form or pay online under secured connection) or b) make a bank deposit (in this case you are responsible for all wire transfer fees that your bank may initiate). We will provide you with more details via email. As soon as we receive your payment we will email a voucher with the reservation details to you. You may pay the rest of the amount due anytime during your stay.

Cancellation information: a. if the cancellation is effected 21 days prior to the arrival date there is no charge (the 15% - 20% deposit is refunded) b. after the lapse of 21 days prior to the arrival date the deposit is not refundable c. in case you cancel during your stay, you will be charged with the 75% of the cost for the remaining period of your stay

Privacy policy: Your personal details will never be sold or given to any other company. We value your privacy as much as we value our own.